Narcolepsy; a day with cat woman

image I call today a day with cat woman bc I had some pretty quick reflexes today. Luckily! This is how I explained it to my mom in a text : I fell into the patio door with my face,  not to hard more sloth like lol. The door slid closed. I was able to grab behind me with my right arm and grab the black chair for my ass. Then my left arm grabbed the wood chair in front of me and pulled it to me for my head and down I went. Then I was jello and was down. I continued to fall, luckily my boyfriend was in the living room. He seen me go down but thought I landed ok lol . But I yelled for him. I was squishing my lungs and stomach and it was tough to breath. (Not like this is the first time I’ve went down, so my family is becoming used to seeing me land some swan dives.😂)

Earlier in the day we went to the post office to mail a stack of papers, oh joy, I left the house. I made it thru changing envelopes and readdressing it but then came the lady ringing me up and me buying stamps. I forgot the word stamps. My mind went blank, I went confused, totally spaced. So I just pointed at the sign for stamps like a little kid. “Ehh mommy more juice in my sippie” luckily my faithful boyfriend by my side took my arm and credit card and finished my purchase and helped me out to the truck. These legs were done walking. You know because it was 10am and I had walked a whole 10 steps to the truck and 20 into the post office. (These boots were made for walking that’s just what they’ll do 😂)

i did manage to make some yummy banana almond spice pancakes with ham for dinner. No recipe needed 🙂 wish I would remember to write my recipes down.

I made my 12yr old young man take a pancake and piece of ham out with him as he ran to play with his friends. A few mins later my 13 yr old knight bust thru the door saying he heard the pancakes were banana and they were delicious! He needed one to go!!

Even though my day started out dark and sloth like it still had it bright and shining moments. Guess that’s what we live for right? 💙🍭


Author: hippiegirl5

I am a 32yr free spirit, who loves being a mom, science, family, the earth, education, peace, quilting, gardens, and so much more but due to an incurable sleep disorder I am losing more and more of myself. If not from medication then from not having a medication for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. I am writing now while I have the ability to write. I would like to help raise awareness because it is a silent but crippling disorder.

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