Love with seizures

You know what I have learned in the last 3 years? Emotions, pain, struggles, loss all surround seizures. Love surrounds seizures.

I have encountered many who have Epilepsy, have a loved one with epilepsy, who work with someone who has seizures.  All of them when the word seizure is said has an emotion that comes across them. Especially if they have seen one. They can be scary for both the person having one and the person watching.. I’ve been in both spots. My son has been in both spots. I have a family member who fights them often and has most of her years. I lost a dear friend with them. But no matter how many people see me have a seizure or a cataplexy (Narcolepsy) episode, I see love. There has always been someone to lend a hand, an arm, a leg to rest my head on.  Especially the wonderful grocery store workers who often see me have one.. What can I say I don’t leave the house often.. But everyone has to go to the grocery store right..?

Today we went and stocked up.. Getting ready for summer vacation in a household of 2 teenage boys.. I did good all through the store. Slowed down when needed. The lines were busy and loud. Beep, beep, blah, blah, magazines, unloading .. I went weak. But made it. You could tell if you looked at me somet was wrong. Our carry out lady asked if I needed anything, if I was ok and she was here I needed her. ❤ She asked if my back or leg hurt because it was my left side that was weak so I was limping. We chatted and I found out her husband has seizures. They have been married for 37 years! Awesome!

She wouldn’t let me help unpack her cart just like the other carry out people I have came across. Some days I just get in the car. We said our good byes and made sure to tell each other to take care and we would think about the other.

There is a sweet lady at our local store.. We always give hugs now. She had helped me to my car one day .. One of my last days driving.

Be kind to one another, you never know what they have going on in the inside.


Author: hippiegirl5

I am a 32yr free spirit, who loves being a mom, science, family, the earth, education, peace, quilting, gardens, and so much more but due to an incurable sleep disorder I am losing more and more of myself. If not from medication then from not having a medication for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. I am writing now while I have the ability to write. I would like to help raise awareness because it is a silent but crippling disorder.

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