Words do hurt

So anyone who knows me, knows I am the type of person who thinks, believes everyone should be who they are. Love who they want. Live how they live, and it is no ones right to infringe on that person freedom. We have one life, so why should be tied down and not allowed to live the way we were created to live. We are all different for a reason. What would this world be like if we were all robots, all stepping in line following each other? Boring. We need laws, rules, guidelines,.. do not get me wrong we cant just have people running amok like wild hippies 🙂  But we do not need Hate, we do not need all the anger in the world, there are far to many people getting killed over who they are, who they were born to be, killed over an illness? killed over who they love? tortured over what they wear? beat for what they say? afraid to lift their heads and stand tall because OF WHO THEY ARE ! you’ve got to be kidding me! It is the year 2016. I understand there are different cultures, societies, laws, morals, religions, etc but doesn’t love conquer Hate? Has the world began to tip towards more hate? Are we tipping towards more love?

Everyday you hear of more people standing up for others. You hear of more laws getting passed for freedom. More woman being able to vote in elections. More people being able to marry who they love. More people supporting families who have lost gay brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers to hate crimes. But is it enough? Are we teaching the younger generations enough to end the hate?? Can we end it in the future generations? Will our children’s children know that being gay or retarded is a bad thing or its part of being who you are? It is part of diversity ? If a child is never taught negative behind those 2 words, or never taught the R word then can we end it?

This was a discussion I had with my 13yr old last night. That R word gets thrown around and I HATE it. The G word gets thrown around and I HATE it. I have tried and tried to stop it. But how am I supposed to say just stop it! when there’s no reasoning behind it. It’s mean, do not do that! Ok mom.. so is pulling hair ,, next! So I thought there has to be meaning behind it. He’s a smart kid. Pays attention to the world and politics. So I broke out the handy dandy youtube.

Unfortunately the Orlando terrorist attack just happened 😦 (my heart goes out to the families and all effected ) I showed my son who the Westboro Babtist Church was (Grrr) let him see what hate was. Then I showed him a video of a funeral that was held for one of the victims. The WBC tried protesting of course. You know because why should a family be allowed to bury their family member in peace. A beautiful thing happened though. A community came together. People wore angel wings and blocked the protesters and sang “Amazing Grace” so loud the Hate couldn’t be heard.

He said to me “I do not mean the things I say.” “Then why say them?” I said ” If you continue to spread the word of hate it continues. Others hear it and think that how you feel, it hurts others. It you never repeat it, maybe it could end. If you were never taught negative behind the words then maybe there would only be positive. If you never taught your children the word gay or retarded would they know those words?” He said NO.

What he said next made it all come clear.

I have never been a religious person, I wasn’t raised in the church. Not that I do not believe. I just do not believe you need to go to a church to believe. About as far as I am going with that today. LOL But the down side to that is, I’ve never known enough to be able to teach it all to my children. But teach all of what? If i do not fully follow one specific religion then i can’t.

So he say’s “We are supposed to follow religion, and the bible says gays are wrong then that’s what I’m supposed to say right? Since the bible says it then that’s what I’m supposed to believe. I do not mean it when I say things, but I just think that if others are going to hurt them or be mean to them (gay) then they just need to hide. So they don’t get hurt. People are not going to let them be. I asked him when he ever read the bible, because I know he never has. (I read him a children bible when he was younger but i have also taught him the science aspect.) I told him many people are Christian etc and still believe people can be who they are. He said but I’m supposed to believe in god, believe god put me here, so I have to follow what is in there. That just doesn’t make sence.” How can I follow a religion that is mean? …………………………..”We were put here by the big bang theory I knew it he says” Oh to be 13 again.. Maybe this summer we need to learn different religions.

I explained to him that people everywhere are stepping forward and standing up for rights. Laws are getting passed everywhere. “Do you think in Great Grandpa and grandmas day they had dance clubs where people could go and be themselves?” “NO” he said what about grandma and grandpa?…….. “ehh Not really” I said “They just being more free when i was younger.”

I hope I’ve made some impact and let him know that if he doesn’t mean it he doesn’t have to say it. No matter what is being said in this hateful world. He can be part of the generation that ENDS HATE. Maybe him and his brother’s children will not know HATE 🙂

Will you help end Hate towards all ?

Be kind to one another ❤



Joplin Jams to Start Off Summer

Cataplexy is a symptom of narcolepsy. It consists of a sudden loss of muscle tone that leads to feelings of weakness and a loss of voluntary muscle control. (webmd.com)
Narcolepsy is an under-diagnosed, disabling disorder of the brain that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness.

Individuals with narcolepsy experience chronic daytime sleepiness, abnormal rapid eye movement sleep, and cataplexy (brief attacks of muscle weakness and tone triggered by strong emotions).

Narcolepsy can range in severity from mild to severe, and negatively impact one’s social activities, school, work, and overall health and well-being.

Narcolepsy typically begins in the teen years, or early twenties and thirties. It affects 3 million people worldwide. The exact cause of narcolepsy is unknown, although researchers believe it to be an inherited autoimmune disease that leads to a deficiency in hypocretin, a chemical the brain needs to stay awake.

Although there is no cure for narcolepsy, it can be managed with lifestyle modifications and medication therapy.
( http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/155244.php )

imageWhile my Janis sings her heart out on my Pandora; “I Need a Man to Love” to be exact …. I sit on the back porch like always and think where has the time gone? My first born is going to be graduating 8th grade tonight. He will be a Freshman, a high schooler after today. Wasn’t I just cradling him? Holding his hand as he took his first steps? Walking him into his kindergarten class? Taking him to the hospital for his first set and not last set of stitches? Now I look at him .. almost eye to eye. Then we have my baby. Well don’t tell him I called him a baby,, ehh he knows he’s the baby. A seventh grader. 2 more years and I will be repeating this story but crying hysterically LOL

Oh well the love and I will go tonight with the fam and enjoy the festivities and start off the beginning of summer vacation !

Feelin’ Good by Nina Simone.. It’s a new day, It’s a new dawn, and I’m feelin; goooood!

He made it! I made it! And only had 2 cataplexy episodes! My boy is a freshman ahh ! Whats the freshman doing today?… Laying on the coach playing 2K on the Xbox..What else?? 🙂 Whats the 7th grader doing?.. Sleeping of course, it’s only noon duh! I just went in there and asked him “if he was going to sleep the whole summer vacation away??? It is already 2pm!” he jumped and said “WHAT?” ..He’s back asleep now. Growing takes a lot of energy you know?!

Be nice to pack up a blanket a basket of snacks, PB &J’s , bottle of homemade lemon tea, some fruit, sun block, and head to the beach. The lake. The park. Anywhere. Just somewhere to start off the summer. We used to go all the time. Anytime we had a free day we lived by a park with tons of trails. We knew those trails like the back of our hand.  The boys had a challenge sorta say. See how far you could walk down the middle of the creek. They didn’t stay on the trails. We would spend the whole day there. My poor back seats and floor boards!!! There was a water spout and the end of the trail so they would spray there legs, feet, socks, arms, heads etc off before we made it to the car.. Remember we are talking about 2 boys around the ages of 8 & 9.  If only there was a water spout to hose off the kids before they entered our car or house every time they entered!

But there’s always a but in life right.. so at home we sit.. with the dogs laying sprawled out on the couch. Lazy beasts !

I remember drivers permit, doesn’t everyone? I got mine as soon as I could! I still actually have mine in a photo album. Freedom. My first car an 89 Plymouth Acclaim. 4 doors, maroon, white and grey leopard seat covers,, that I personally made of course. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Front and back, even had a matching steering wheel cover. I had so many key chains that hung from the rear view mirror I remember the adults yelling “your going to get a ticket!” HA OK! I made it to my first concert in that car, Ozzfest. 2 cars full of teenagers whipping Burger King breakfast out the windows at each other at 7am. Freedom! Oh and to think my son is going to be asking for car keys in 1.5 years.. and hes just like me .. wheres the emoji with the scared face?! haha

I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I’d work on some stuff today. My son has a ball game this evening and its a hot one. Temperature has been in the high 90’s humidity in the 80% range. I don’t care for the heat, mainly because it doesn’t like me. Oh the headaches! Short breathe, it also doesn’t help i’m fighting bronchitis. The lovely steroids, inhaler, breathing treatments and let’s tack on a potassium pill while we are in the process. Luckily this didn’t start until the last day of the camping trip! I learned last game that if i freeze ziplock bags of water (ice packs) take them in a cooler, I can wear one under my head band, while under my umbrella. Helps when the Cataplexy (see definition in experts) kicks in too. Sends a nice cold shock to the brain and says ‘hey you WAKE UP your kid is about to bat’!

Camping trip was awesome and we had beautiful 70-75F weather the 2 days we were there. I will definitely be writing about the raccoons who invaded our campsite! Mind you we took our 1 year old Pitt who loves to hunt with us.. Sorry Miss Bella that raccoon puts up a bigger fight than those rabbits you find n the backyard!

Before I start rambling on I am going to hit POST!






Flourish; my young seedlings

Flourish my seedlings in the garden! Grow grow! Give us a year like last year! I may be fighting a horrible illness but when I’m in my garden I am at peace. I have 12 and 13 yr old boys and a wonderful honey that all chip in and help do the dirty work. Literally speaking 🙂

Turnips, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, are just a couple from last year. The fully grown plants are our 2015 garden. So far this year we have small plants and seedlings. We are hoping for some warmer weather!  Until it gets here of course…

This year we added 3 kinds of green beans, pea pods, couple types of peppers; ranging from sweet to holy sh*t 🙂 3 types of cucumbers, watermelon cantaloupe, pumpkin, peppermint.. Oh the List continues Eek! Food not lawns right?!

I do not use chemicals on my garden, it’s all compost from our home or a little cow poo. Of course my barefoot picture was taken before the cow poo.. But I’m sure it wasn’t the first time. My name is hippiegirl:)

I have learned if I put bar soap around the perimeter of the garden .. Our pesky Mr. Bugs Bunny and friends stay out! I’ve also used the inside of the vacuum container. They do not like the smell of our 2 dogs.

As I actually walked around my yard today I was able to see the full effects of Spring! The white and pink bush has a beautiful smell. The working little honey bees love the monstrous tree.

Any ideas to what they are would be greatly appreciated!

Step within a foot of the tree and you can hear all the busy busy bees.


What would you do to save your child’s life? Part 2

A West Terre Haute mother speaks out about a new drug that has become a medical miracle for her son, but it’s a treatment some would call controversial.

Source: What would you do to save your child’s life? Part 2


AS SOON AS I STARTED READING THIS THE TEARS STARTED, My son gave me a hug and kiss before going to bed..While seeing his momma with tears. Good night big guy. 😦

Just one of the many faces of Narcolepsy

Just one of the many faces of epilepsy,

Just one of the many faces of narcolepsy,

Just one of the many faces of cataplexy,

Just one of the many faces of stroke,

Just one of the many faces of migraines,

Just one of the many faces of depression,

Just one of the many faces of the FIGHT..


Love with seizures

You know what I have learned in the last 3 years? Emotions, pain, struggles, loss all surround seizures. Love surrounds seizures.

I have encountered many who have Epilepsy, have a loved one with epilepsy, who work with someone who has seizures.  All of them when the word seizure is said has an emotion that comes across them. Especially if they have seen one. They can be scary for both the person having one and the person watching.. I’ve been in both spots. My son has been in both spots. I have a family member who fights them often and has most of her years. I lost a dear friend with them. But no matter how many people see me have a seizure or a cataplexy (Narcolepsy) episode, I see love. There has always been someone to lend a hand, an arm, a leg to rest my head on.  Especially the wonderful grocery store workers who often see me have one.. What can I say I don’t leave the house often.. But everyone has to go to the grocery store right..?

Today we went and stocked up.. Getting ready for summer vacation in a household of 2 teenage boys.. I did good all through the store. Slowed down when needed. The lines were busy and loud. Beep, beep, blah, blah, magazines, unloading .. I went weak. But made it. You could tell if you looked at me somet was wrong. Our carry out lady asked if I needed anything, if I was ok and she was here I needed her. ❤ She asked if my back or leg hurt because it was my left side that was weak so I was limping. We chatted and I found out her husband has seizures. They have been married for 37 years! Awesome!

She wouldn’t let me help unpack her cart just like the other carry out people I have came across. Some days I just get in the car. We said our good byes and made sure to tell each other to take care and we would think about the other.

There is a sweet lady at our local store.. We always give hugs now. She had helped me to my car one day .. One of my last days driving.

Be kind to one another, you never know what they have going on in the inside.