Words do hurt

So anyone who knows me, knows I am the type of person who thinks, believes everyone should be who they are. Love who they want. Live how they live, and it is no ones right to infringe on that person freedom. We have one life, so why should be tied down and not allowed to live the way we were created to live. We are all different for a reason. What would this world be like if we were all robots, all stepping in line following each other? Boring. We need laws, rules, guidelines,.. do not get me wrong we cant just have people running amok like wild hippies 🙂  But we do not need Hate, we do not need all the anger in the world, there are far to many people getting killed over who they are, who they were born to be, killed over an illness? killed over who they love? tortured over what they wear? beat for what they say? afraid to lift their heads and stand tall because OF WHO THEY ARE ! you’ve got to be kidding me! It is the year 2016. I understand there are different cultures, societies, laws, morals, religions, etc but doesn’t love conquer Hate? Has the world began to tip towards more hate? Are we tipping towards more love?

Everyday you hear of more people standing up for others. You hear of more laws getting passed for freedom. More woman being able to vote in elections. More people being able to marry who they love. More people supporting families who have lost gay brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers to hate crimes. But is it enough? Are we teaching the younger generations enough to end the hate?? Can we end it in the future generations? Will our children’s children know that being gay or retarded is a bad thing or its part of being who you are? It is part of diversity ? If a child is never taught negative behind those 2 words, or never taught the R word then can we end it?

This was a discussion I had with my 13yr old last night. That R word gets thrown around and I HATE it. The G word gets thrown around and I HATE it. I have tried and tried to stop it. But how am I supposed to say just stop it! when there’s no reasoning behind it. It’s mean, do not do that! Ok mom.. so is pulling hair ,, next! So I thought there has to be meaning behind it. He’s a smart kid. Pays attention to the world and politics. So I broke out the handy dandy youtube.

Unfortunately the Orlando terrorist attack just happened 😦 (my heart goes out to the families and all effected ) I showed my son who the Westboro Babtist Church was (Grrr) let him see what hate was. Then I showed him a video of a funeral that was held for one of the victims. The WBC tried protesting of course. You know because why should a family be allowed to bury their family member in peace. A beautiful thing happened though. A community came together. People wore angel wings and blocked the protesters and sang “Amazing Grace” so loud the Hate couldn’t be heard.

He said to me “I do not mean the things I say.” “Then why say them?” I said ” If you continue to spread the word of hate it continues. Others hear it and think that how you feel, it hurts others. It you never repeat it, maybe it could end. If you were never taught negative behind the words then maybe there would only be positive. If you never taught your children the word gay or retarded would they know those words?” He said NO.

What he said next made it all come clear.

I have never been a religious person, I wasn’t raised in the church. Not that I do not believe. I just do not believe you need to go to a church to believe. About as far as I am going with that today. LOL But the down side to that is, I’ve never known enough to be able to teach it all to my children. But teach all of what? If i do not fully follow one specific religion then i can’t.

So he say’s “We are supposed to follow religion, and the bible says gays are wrong then that’s what I’m supposed to say right? Since the bible says it then that’s what I’m supposed to believe. I do not mean it when I say things, but I just think that if others are going to hurt them or be mean to them (gay) then they just need to hide. So they don’t get hurt. People are not going to let them be. I asked him when he ever read the bible, because I know he never has. (I read him a children bible when he was younger but i have also taught him the science aspect.) I told him many people are Christian etc and still believe people can be who they are. He said but I’m supposed to believe in god, believe god put me here, so I have to follow what is in there. That just doesn’t make sence.” How can I follow a religion that is mean? …………………………..”We were put here by the big bang theory I knew it he says” Oh to be 13 again.. Maybe this summer we need to learn different religions.

I explained to him that people everywhere are stepping forward and standing up for rights. Laws are getting passed everywhere. “Do you think in Great Grandpa and grandmas day they had dance clubs where people could go and be themselves?” “NO” he said what about grandma and grandpa?…….. “ehh Not really” I said “They just being more free when i was younger.”

I hope I’ve made some impact and let him know that if he doesn’t mean it he doesn’t have to say it. No matter what is being said in this hateful world. He can be part of the generation that ENDS HATE. Maybe him and his brother’s children will not know HATE 🙂

Will you help end Hate towards all ?

Be kind to one another ❤