Welcome to narcolepsy

imageSo recently I received a few messages asking how I have been and have the Drs been able to tell me anything new? Answering the question how have I been is always a difficult question to ask. I can always give the simple “I’m doing ok, could be better but you know lol or I could explain what’s really going on. But if I did explain what I was going thru would people know what I was talking about? Now don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not meaning that sarcastically or snobbish in the slightest. It’s just if I told you I had episodes of paralysis, episodes where I lose my speech , my ability to walk, hold my head up, sip water, even flip you off ? They can happen at the drop of a dime, any moment or I can just slowly fade out and be completely paralyzed for 24-36 hours. I can still hear you, I can still understand, for the most part, what’s going on around me. I just can’t move. It’s like being frozen in time. My brain disconnected from my body. My body asleep but my mind awake.

July 2013 I had a stroke and bounced back pretty well. 2 months later I made it back to work. Worked 2 days and ended up having a 2nd stroke. I didn’t bounce back from that one as fast. After almost a month in the hospital and numerous seizures I was released. I would still get seizures but they were your typical seizures. Other than a couple I have been able to hear and remember what happens around me during the seizures. I’ve even wrote a phone number during one. After 3 years of confusion, I’ll go into later, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy.

Yes narcolepsy is “that one where people just fall asleep.” It is a sleep disorder. My brain does not produce the chemical hypocretin. Just as others doesn’t produce dopamine.

Its about that time, this is what will be interesting about me writing a blog.. See how far I get with writing before I do fall asleep 😂 good night